Minglewood School opened in August 1988. Minglewood Elementary School was built on the Cunningham family farm, consisting of 21 acres on Cunningham Lane. The school was designed by Rufus Johnson & Associates, Architects, Clarksville Tennessee. Hermitage Contractors, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee constructed it on 72,336 square feet. The school was built to accommodate 750 students in grades kindergarten through fifth. Eight classrooms were added onto the building in 1998. Twelve more classrooms were added onto the building in 2019. 

Presently Minglewood serves approximately 860 students.

Minglewood Elementary School principals:

Mrs. Lettie M. Kendall served from 1988 until February 1991.

Mrs. Nora Wyatt served as Program Specialist from 1988-1990, and became interim principal on March 1, 1991. On May 7, 1991, she became permanent principal and served until the end of the 1993-1994 school year.

Mrs. Jane E. Winter began her lead in the fall of 1994. Mrs. Winter celebrated the school's 25 year anniversary. She retired after the 2013-2014 school year. 

Bonnie Digby was the principal from 2014-2017.  Michell Brock-Demps was the principal from 2017-2018.

Jessica Harris was the principal from 2018-2019 and helped bring in the school's 30 year anniversary.

 Ashlie Perry was the principal from 2019-2022.

 Abby Binkley was the principal from 2022-2023.

Emily Clark serves as the current principal.