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Hello! My name is Ms. Annie Seay and I am a fourth-year Speech-Language Teacher (SLT) here at CMCSS. I hold a bachelor's degree in "Communication Sciences and Disorders" from the University of Kansas and I am working on my health board licensure in the state of Tennessee. I am currently working part-time at Minglewood Elementary and part-time at Lafayette Head Start. I have worked with students of all ages, but I have the most therapeutic experience in PreK-5th grade levels. On a personal note, I am fascinated with the work of Ms. Christina Hunger, M.A. CCC-SLP, whose experience working with pediatric clients and AAC devices has allowed her to give her dog a new mode of communication.
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Speech Therapist Clipart    In SPEECH THERAPY we work mainly on improving...

Articulation Skills- the precision of pronunciation of speech phonemes (Sounds)!

Phonological Error Patterns - work on correcting sound production in groups of similar production features.

Fluency Skills - (stuttering) The rhythm and flow of spoken utterances!

Voice Skills- The pitch and quality of vocal output!

In LANGUAGE THERAPY we work on improving...

1.Receptive Language- receiving (understanding) what is spoken to you.                                                             

2. Expressive Language- formulating thoughts and speaking them verbally.

These areas mostly include:                                   

*Vocabulary- knowledge, and use of spoken words!

 *Syntax -  Speaking using correct words in the correct order and a combination of words in phrases and sentences.                                                           

*Morphology- Speaking using correct word endings to convey meaning. Word beginnings, Prefixes, also convey meaning!                                                   

*Listening Comprehension- Listening to spoken language and responding appropriately as in answering wh questions or following directions or understanding figurative language.

3. Pragmatic Language - engaging using language socially with peers.  

4. Hearing - teaching students to make optimal use of the hearing they have (when there is a loss), sign language, or use of AAC devices may also be used.

                        AND WE HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!

Walk to and from speech! 

Practice At Home and Return Your Homework! 

Be Nice to Speech Friends!                                                   

Work Hard!                                                                               

Have Fun!!