CMCSS Continued Learning Library

April 12, 2020

Click here for the CMCSS Continued Learning Library that provides weekly student and parent resources developed by the district for 51 courses of instruction to reduce the variability of at-home instructional delivery during this challenging time.

To provide at-home learning support, CMCSS teachers will be checking in with students and families each week to answer questions, provide directions to access resources, and continue the personal contact that we know is so important during this uncertain time. We recognize there may be a need for additional support to aid in your child’s learning at home. To address this need, we have created two ways for families and students to access support. First, you may access online support on the “Continued Learning Resources” page on our website. If you do not have internet access, you may call our CMCSS Help Hotline 931.920.7779. Additionally, the district has a partnership with Homework Hotline, which can provide translation services, if needed. Please call 615-298-6636 or visit